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© G.Altshuller, 1988

1. In an easiest way standards can be applied individually (not in a system). When using standards(or after 3-4- time reading a text) many standards are remembered and while getting know a problem a required standard involuntary comes to a mind. Of course this is not the best method of their application: a required standard may be not come to a mind and what is the most important feasibilities of the system of standards are not used. It is difficult to control the mind, it is out of giving orders and if a suitable standard has come to a mind it can be used. While solving simple problems it is quite admissible.

2. It is more expedient to use standards in combination with ARIZ-85-B. The ARIZ text has steps indicating when the system of standards should be used. When analyzing a problem by ARIZ its conditions are subjected to significant changes. Thus a problem model significantly clarifies initial dim and sometimes wrong conditions. So, application of standards to a problem model is stronger beforhand rather than their application to a raw inventive situation is a guarantee that a solution is started from a mini-problem (directed to a minimumchange of an initial system).

A problem becomes simplier (thus as well application of standards for its solution) after detailing substance-field resources (SFR). Accounting and using SFR produce solutions close to IFR.

Independently on a problem solution way (by standards or ARIZ) standards should be applied as the system for forcing and further idealization to solve the problem.

The standard arrangement is not random, it is coordinated to a general outline of the system development. So, the system of standards should be used as a predicting tool even in case whan the problem conditions do not contain such requirement.

Thus, in general a sequence of actions subordinates to a simple logic: a problem model should be constructed not in n hurry, in a clever way and distinctly; substance-field resources should be determined and an appropriate should be selected (if it is necessary, makeshifting prohibitions for introduction of additives); a changccd system should be forced (even if it is not required by the problem conditions); extra substances and fields should be removed and at last an obtained principle should be maximally used.

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